Monday, 26 February 2018

How to apply for a Blue Peter Badge and start saving money on local days out

First of all, a huge thanks to Rachael who first alerted me to the Blue Peter Badge scheme and how it can save you lots of money on both local and national days out after reading my guide to the best annual passes in the North East. The Blue Peter Badge scheme is open to children aged 6-15 years and if you're lucky to receive one, your children will be entitled to FREE entry until their 16th birthday at over 200 attractions across the UK. Applying for a badge doesn't seem too difficult either and I'm going to set the kids the challenge of applying for their own badge in the Easter holidays. Applications take around 8 weeks to process, so if you're looking to enjoy a few discounted days out this summer, I'd apply ASAP.

How to apply for a Blue Peter Badge and start saving money on local days out

North East Attractions where Blue Peter Badge Holders receive FREE entry

There are 26 attractions across the North East that offer free entry to Blue Peter Badge holders. Once you have a badge, you are entitled to free entry to these attractions until your 16th birthday. Children need to be accompanied by a paying adult and wearing their badge. Attractions offering free entry in the North East include:

How to receive a FREE Blue Peter Badge 

Blue Peter Badges are available to children aged 6 - 15 years old. To apply for a badge, children need to send something interesting to : Blue Peter, Media City, Salford. M50 2BH.

An application could include a story, artwork, poem, picture or anything that really stands out. Remember to put a lot of effort in as Blue Peter receive thousands of applications. I really like this idea of rewarding the kids for their effort and I think I'm going to set the kids a challenge of applying for their own badge in the Easter Holidays.

Children should also include their full name, date of birth, home postal address and postcode. Find out more about applying for a Blue Peter Badge here. 

Blue Peter Badges are accepted at over 200 UK Attractions 

As well as the North East, a Blue Peter Badge will allow your children free entry to over 200 UK attractions. You can see the full list here. Highlights include:
Sounds good to me! I reckon you'll save hundreds over the years with a Blue Peter Badge. Have your children applied for a Blue Peter Badge? Let me know if they do or if you're going to apply now. 

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  1. Who knew you could apply for a Blue Peter badge! Amazing! Has that always been the case? I'm sure back in our day very few kids got them and you had to be on the show or something? I remember always wanting one!


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