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The National Art Pass & Museums Association Pass | Save money on days out this year

I've spent the past few weeks researching annual passes and there are tow schemes which I had completely forgotten about which may offer some families the chance to save a fair bit of cash on days out this year.

The National Art Pass & Museums Association Pass |  Save money on days out this year

The National Art Pass 

Have you heard of the National Art Pass? It's a pass which gives you access free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK plus 50% off major exhibitions. I've been researching and comparing various annual pass prices for next week's post and the National Art Pass really stands out as offering excellent value, especially if you're a family who likes days out and short breaks across the whole of the UK. Places such as Kensington Palace, Cardiff Castle and Shakespeares Family Homes are just some of the attractions included. What I like about this pass is that it does not restrict you to just one place. You can visit all 240 attractions as many times as you like across 12 months.

A National Art Pass costs £110 per family per year. Here are some of the places included in the National Art Pass scheme across North East England. You can visit these places as many times as you like. I've put the cost of one-day admission for a family of four in brackets for guidance:

  • Wallington Hall - (£27.50)
  • The Bowes Museum - (£30)
  • Preston Park - (£5)
  • Seven Stories - (£23.10)
  • Seaton Delaval Hall - (£19.50)
  • Tuille House Museum in Carlisle - (£13)
  • Berwick Museum and Art Gallery - (£9)
  • Cherryburn - (£15.40)
  • Oriental Museum - (£3)

If you only visit each of these 9 attractions only once, you're already going to save £35.50.  With 52 weekends in a year PLUS school holidays, I think most families would visit some attractions more than once though AND there are another 200+ places to explore across the UK. This is just a snapshot.

The Museums Association Pass

The Museums Association Pass is available to those who work in museums or people who are simply interested in museums. At the moment a family pass is not available so this pass is probably best suited to families with children under the age of 5 (who usually get into museums for free anyway). Membership ranges from £56 per year for volunteers, full-time students, the unemployed and the retired up to £80 if your salary is under £24,000 scaling up to £218 if your salary is over £70,000. So two adults could be looking at paying £112, £160 or anything up to £436 depending on their circumstances. Here are some of the places you can visit in the North East with this pass. I've put the price of entry for 2 adults in brackets for reference:

  • The Bowes Museum - (£28)
  • Beamish - (£38)
  • Wallington Hall  - (£27.50)
  • Oriental Museum - (£3)
  • Jarrow Hall
  • Life Science Centre = (£26)
  • Seven Stories - (£15.40)
  • Preston Park - (£5)
  • Segedunum - (£12)

There are over 900 attractions and museums offering free entry and with this pass, it depends which level of membership rate you qualify for and how often you're going to visit museums whether it will be worth it for you. If 2 adults buy this pass at the lowest level of £56 each and visit each of these attractions once,  they'll save £42.90 across the year  - more if they visit more than once or some of the other museums up and down the country too.

Next Monday, I am comparing more than 20 annual passes across North East Family Fun and working out which ones offer the best value to families. Make sure you follow North East Family Fun Deals on Facebook to discover more money saving deals across the week. 

Let me know if you're considering buying either of these passes to save money on days out this year.

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The National Art Pass & Museums Association Pass |  Why they could save you money on days out this year

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